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The Norse Retrievers Difference


What is the Norse Retrievers difference?  It is pretty simple it is giving the mommy dog the best life we can.  If you come to our place you won’t see a kennel full of girls waiting to be bred, most of our girls don’t even live with us at the kennel.  I have three dogs of my own (one of which is a boy) that are my gundogs and buddies.  The rest of “MY” girls are placed with partner homes all over Minnesota.  As my wife says “Every dog needs its own people” and that is what this provides.   Each girl gets her own family for whom that dog is their only dog or at most one of two.  Then each girl comes back to me to have her puppies and then goes home as soon as the pups don’t need her anymore.  

From a field prospective this gives each dog more time in the field, because each girl is the primary hunting buddy at each home.  Obviously if I had 5 or 6 dogs to hunt with I could not give the each dog as much field time as a home which they are the only gundog.  Most of the girls live in homes that take at least one trip to the Dakotas hunting each fall as well as hunting all over Minnesota for every type of waterfowl and upland game the state has to offer.  In the summer the younger girls come back to me for training and to run them in AKC Hunt Tests until they achieve the titles we wanted them to get.  In the first couple of years of each of the girl’s life they get to retrieve hundreds if not thousands of wild birds hunting and in training.

I truly believe that each girl having their own family to live with makes them better moms, which in turn produces less stress on the puppies.  Pups do take on the characteristics of their mother, so having a calm happy mommy can only help produce a mentally stable healthy puppy.  Each member of the Norse Retrievers team is more than just a dog; it is part of a family. 

Puppies and Trained Dogs



Norse Retrievers breeds high quality Labrador Retrievers with the purpose of providing dogs that will fit into everyday life and will be great performing hunting buddies in the field.  We breed all three colors black, yellow, and chocolate.  Most years we have 3 to 4 litters of Labrador puppies for sale.  A limited number of trained hunting dogs are also available for sale each year.

Dog Training Programs


 We have several programs to choose from depending on the needs of your dog and your family.  Our most popular programs are the "Perfect Obedience" program for non hunting family dogs of all breeds and our "Basic Gundog" program. 

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